The first exclusive blockchain lifestyle program worldwide!

Lifestyle is today the synonym for the fact that ...

People share the moments of their lives with other people carefree via social media. Lifestyle not only embodies success, but has become more of an inner concept of the Dolce Vita. People associate lifestyle with the enjoyment of life in all its facets. They celebrate themselves and life and let the whole world participate in it.


The world of enjoyment ...

represents however only one entrance to the world of the Lifestyles. People have the possibility to experience extravagant shows and events, to enjoy first-class restaurants with a view over sparkling cities, to experience thrills in amusement parks, to celebrate extraordinary parties and much more. You celebrate, you enjoy life, forget everyday life and let the world participate.


The LOOiX AG has set itself the goal ...

to open the access to lifestyle for all people worldwide for the first time with its innovative concept. LOOiX members should be offered the opportunity to trigger a revolution in a huge industry and to participate in a new generation of bonus programs, games and the exchange of lifestyle tokens.

A unique combination of different industries


Due to the decades of cooperation and the broad network of the acting persons and the participating companies, the LOOiX members will be able to acquire or use a multitude of lifestyle products and lifestyle experiences with LOOiX tokens at particularly favourable conditions.

The range of discounts planned for the future ranges from brand cosmetics (fragrances, creams, etc.) to the world-famous fashion labels and watches to leading brands in the automotive industry, luxury travel, international events and much more.

LOOiX goals


The new LOOiX world will be designed as an interactive network where bonus programs as well as gaming and gambling coexist. In addition to the considerably discounted lifestyle products, LOOiX members can increase their token stock depending on their personal token stock and interests in the gaming area or deal with odds of top gamers in the eSports area in order to be able to give professional tips and generate profits through targeted placements on the top gamers.

In the future, practically all lifestyle areas will be offered at reduced prices. These are combined by the members with each other and above all repeatedly used. Coupled with the huge, expanding markets of eSports, gaming, casino and the wide range of applications in the lifestyle sector, a constant cycle with a permanent use of tokens should result.




The mission of the LOOiX AG is to promote and support LOOiX platforms, research (e.g. concerning transaction economy & logistics) and development. A large part of the funds is used for advertising, project development and financial management. The aim is to reach a wide range of stakeholders worldwide and generate win-win situations. Our many years of experience and contacts in various markets are one of our unique selling points. We primarily rely on existing resources and therefore invest only with prudence and foresight in external projects and partnerships. Our corporate management system functions according to clear standards in order to develop the projects described. Particular emphasis is placed on the corporate culture. This has a particular influence on the definition of strategy, project implementation, risk management and operational management.

The creation of a LOOiX Club will create an extensive community, which will be perceived as an interesting and serious new market force in the above mentioned markets. This should generate opportunities for LOOiX to offer additional services at attractive conditions, which should be made accessible to club members and owners of tokens and thus expand and secure the attractiveness of our services. Planned marketing activities will be developed and coordinated with the support of agencies worldwide. The focus is primarily on activities in the areas of lifestyle, online casinos, sports and in particular eSports and related events. As with many projects of this kind, marketing activities represent the largest and most expensive cost item within the overall concept. Security is also a supporting pillar within the concept. This extends from the security of our own hardware and software through the various areas of application to the security concept. Customer support and care of the members, as well as call & service centers are an important component of the concept. With the development / increase of members, visitors, buyers and players it is assumed that the expenditure will increase disproportionately. Depending on the respective country regulations, the license and security fees, which must be deposited, must be quantified with a cost factor that should not be underestimated (scope and type of licenses). The legal challenges for a project of this dimension and complexity are great, so that corresponding legal advice and mandates can be cost-intensive in most countries. The aim of LOOiX AG is to manage these business areas.

LOOiX Team

Dr. C.-Julius
Backend Developer
Interface Designer
Backend Developer
IT Administration
Turkey Office Coordinator

We are a member of the Crypto Valley Switzerland association

Innovation and quality

We strive to be innovative in our work and to promote and support innovation in our ecosystem and the wider community. We strive to achieve the highest quality.


We are transparent in our dealings with all stakeholders and protect privacy. We value a congruent value system among our partners and other stakeholders.


We are convinced that blockchain technology should serve a useful and necessary commercial and social purpose.


We understand the value of trusting relationships at all levels of society and business and strive to win and maintain the trust of all those with whom we interact.


We are honest in everything we do and very anxious to maintain our integrity in our organization and in our dealings with others.

Good cooperation

We believe in the strength of enthusiastic and collegial collaboration and work to promote collaboration within our ecosystem and the wider community.


We ensure the highest safety standards in our work and identify, evaluate, minimize and control technological, business and social risks.

Crypto Valley

The rapid development in the crypto currency market opens up many opportunities and possibilities that we would like to share with our customers and partners.





JAN 2018
Start and merger of LOOiX
MAR 2018
Registration of the trade mark LOOiX
APR 2018
Registration of the trademark LOOiX
MAY 2018
Partnership with Crypto Valley
JUN 2018
Structure of the LOOiX AG
AUG 2018
Structure of LOOiX AG Preparation & planning of marketing campaigns
SEP 2018

Branding and presentation of the new LOOiX Website and the new LOOiX Dashboard

Building partnerships Development of various theme-based platforms Presentation of the LOOiX Team

NOV 2018
Presentation of the LOOiX shop Start of Private Sale (ECA)
NOV 2018
Crypto Valley Labs Partnership 2nd company headquarters Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug
JAN 2019
Introduction of the LOOiX Wallet
Event CRYPTO HQ, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
FEB 2019
Start of the Public Sale
20% Token Bonus
APR 2019
10% Token Bonus

Advance booking & distribution


The bonus tokens are awarded in addition to the regular tokens that are issued. For example, if tokens are created for €2,000 for an investor during the first phase, the investor receives 100,000 tokens plus a further 20,000 bonus tokens (20%), i.e. a total of 120,000 tokens. The initial price per token is 0.02 €.


Token Bonus
Until 28.02.2019 - 23:59:59 MEZ
Until 31.03.2019 - 23:59:59 MEZ
01.12.2018 - 00:00:00 MEZ
30.06.2019 - 23:59:59 MEZ
Accepted currencies



Originally, the term "FAQ" referred to the "Frequently Asked Question".

The compilation of questions and answers was called the "FAQ list" or similar term.

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a way for a company to create its own crypto currency and then offer it for sale to its customers.

This crypto currency can have its own blockchain, as was the case for Ethereum in 2014, or it can run on a token basis on another blockchain, like the ERC20 tokens that run on Ethereum. This latter method is the more common. This is also the method LOOiX used to create its LOOiX tokens. In an ICO, the buyers of the tokens exchange crypto currencies with the company for the newly created tokens. The company receives the money and the buyers receive the tokens.


To do this, go to the website Enter your public key in the search field on the page. In the next step, switch from the "Transactions" button to the "Erc20 Token Txns" button. There you can view your LOOiX token stock.


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